Holding Your First Charity Event? Use These Tips

When your charity foundation has grown so large that you want to hold a big event, there are a lot of things to consider. Raising more money for the work you do can be easily done at an event, but you also need to ensure that some things are in place so that the event is fun for everyone. Use these event suggestions to have a gala that everyone enjoys.

Ask For Ideas

In the time since your charity started, you may have a clear idea of the donors and members who make the charity a success. When holding a big event, however, you need to be sure that they'll like the ideas you're considering. Asking for input will encourage you to come up with programming that people want to see, which will increase the likelihood that they'll attend the event and bring others.

Set Different Levels for Ticket Prices

One way your event will raise money is through ticket prices. However, it's smart to allow your members and donors to contribute at the level they're comfortable with. You can do this through offering different "levels" of tickets. The cheapest tickets may allow entry to the event, for instance, but a higher-priced ticket may allow entry into the event and a VIP section. By giving people choices, you can ensure that all the people who love your charity can attend without cutting out some who might not be able to spend large sums at this time.

Set Up Event Security

Many people who set up special events forget to organize event security. However, this can often be necessary for your donors, your special guests and any gifts or cash that will be in the vicinity. Everyone will feel more secure with professionals present.

When hiring a event security company, it's important to look for one that is used to handling these kinds of events. That's because you want to have security personnel available without seeming intimidating. Security companies familiar with these events can provide guards and other staffers who can blend in well while remaining alert to any possible threats.  You may ask that security guards are stationed at all entry points and ensure only those with proper identification get in. You might also ask security company employees to mingle with guests throughout the event.

With these event suggestions, you can be smarter about planning the charity event you're having. Work with your security company, donors and administrative staff to ensure your event is a great success. You can go to sites like these for more information.

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