What to Do if You Want a Digital Intelligence Analyst Job

If you are looking into a future career as an intelligence analyst and you aren't sure where to get started or if you have what it takes, there are a few things that you can do. You want to be sure that you have the credentials, and this may require training in many different fields, not just a digital analyst program. You may also have to pass background checks and other types of tests to get the job at the location you desire, especially if it includes working for the federal government. Here are some education options to pursue.

Get Criminal Justice Training

A criminal justice training program is a great way to start the process to becoming an intelligence analysist, because there are many times when you could be expected to go into the field, or when you have to go through military training to get into the department you desire. Find out if you can duel enrol in a program that interests you along with criminal justice.

Get Computer and Technical Training

The computer and technical training for the analyst position will be crucial, and you have to find a program that has the highest accolades and the latest technology. Since the world of technology is always changing, you will have to keep your computer, IT and other skills sharp at all times to help with the process. There are a lot of schools that have programs and classes based for those that want to do intelligence analysis.

Find a Training Company

It can be possible to find a company that is dedicated to finding, training, and hiring people for these types of positions. They will look at the currents set of credentials that you have, and then get you trained and in the proper position to move forward with your goals.

You may want to do some job shadowing; to be sure that this is what you had in mind when it comes to landing an intelligence analyst job. While job shadowing you can inquire about current coops, internships or other jobs that could be available, or if you have the credentials to apply for a full time employed position. This is a great field to go, especially since there is so much that is done digitally, and this will only continue. Look at the educational background you have, what you could achieve, and how this fits with your goals to work in the field. 

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