Protect Your Business, Yourself, And Your Staff Members With Increased Security

If you own a clothing boutique in a busy shopping district and are concerned about theft occurring in your shop or being accosted by a dangerous individual, increasing security will protect your business, yourself, and your staff members. The guidelines listed below can help you acquire the security you are looking for. 

Hire Armed Guards And Install A Security Gate

Armed security guards will be useful if you or another employee is apprehended by a criminal. If guards are wearing security outfits, the chances of being robbed will lessen because people who may have been thinking about stealing will likely be worried about being caught and arrested. Request that the private security company send guards to monitor your store during peak hours or when you are short-staffed.

Guards can provide you with a basic report of what they have seen occur in your store and can alert you to any situations that will require you to call the local police. Install a security gate near the entryway to the boutique so that merchandise that is tagged will cause an alarm to go off if people try to steal garments from your shop. 

Add Tags To Clothing And Request That One Employee Monitor Each Station

Add security tags to clothing items that are high-priced or purchased frequently. Small, sticky tags can be affixed to the inside of each garment so that they aren't detected by clientele. When people purchase clothes, a deactivating pad will be needed to deactivate the tags. Otherwise, customers will not be aware that the tags are intact and they will be stopped in their tracks when they walk through the security gate. 

Assign one employee to monitor each clothing section in your store. If customers would like to try on clothing or if clothing needs to be straightened on racks, associates can complete job duties in the particular section that was assigned to them, minimizing confusion or the need for everyone to be watching all parts of the store at the same time. 

Deposit Cash At Regular Intervals

Avoid keeping large sums of money in the cash registers that are used to ring up sales. As each cashier's drawer reaches a predetermined amount, request that they take the time to remove most of the cash and place it in a money pouch before setting the pouch in a safe that is located in the back of the store.

Cash should be removed during times that the store is empty or when there are plenty of other cashiers on hand to ring up customers. At the end of the day, remove the money from the safe and take it with you so that you can deposit it in a bank account. 

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